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Things to keep in mind while choosing the paint type for your house?

When thinking about painting your house the most important factor that we need to decide is which paint to select for your house? We will help you choose the right paint type as per your needs. For example if you are travelling from Delhi to Mumbai, you can do that by a variety of different means such as by air, train, public transport bus, your own car or by foot if you are brave enough. But you also consider the other factors such as time taken, cost, comfort etc and compare the available options depending on those factors and the one which suits you the most that you finalise.Similarly while deciding the paint type you can consider other factors such as paint finish you want, whether you need washability, how long the paint will last and cost of particular paint.

1.Paint Finish : : Different paints come in different finishes, you can go with rough, matt, low sheen, high sheen, or completely glossy finish, whatever you desire. Matt finish hides the imperfections of the wall compared to high sheen or glossy paints, as they will reflect the light and imperfections will be easily visible. But if your walls don’t have imperfections and are entirely smooth, going with soft sheen finish paint will give you a rich look or velvet finish.

2. Washability : : Washability is a major concern when you have kids at home who have recently got a new pack of crayons and love to draw, for them walls are their canvas. So you can’t stop the kids from drawing on the walls but you can choose a paint which can be easily cleaned. Different levels of washability are available in paint types such as entirely non washable paints, semi washable paints or fully washable paints. Entirely non-washable paints are for those who don’t have kids or whose kids don’t draw on walls. Semi washable is for those who might have to clean soft hand marks or furniture marks, these paints can be cleaned using clear water. And fully washable paints are for those who would like to clean hard stains from walls using soap water. Also you can decide to use washable paints on walls of high traffic areas but for ceilings and low traffic areas you can go with non washable paints as that will save your cost.

textured painting
textured painting

3. Paint Life : How long will the paint last? Different paint types have different life spans, it is a very important factor while selecting the paint type. For example you are going to stay in that house for two years only, or you have a function coming up after two years and you will be painting the house again after two years so going with a paint type which can last for ten years now doesn’t make sense as it will be a waste of money. Similarly if you don’t have any plans to paint the house again in the next 8-10 years and putting a paint whose life is just 2-3 years now won’t make sense as paint will start looking shabby in 3 years and you will have to paint the house again in 3 years.

4.Cost : Cost is the most important factor which matters while deciding the paint type as we have options from Distempers to Luxury and Super Luxury Paints whose cost starts from 7rs/sq ft and goes upto 33rs/sq ft. Now you can even go for a basic distemper which might cost you cheaper for now but you will have to paint the house every 2 years, or you can go with plastic paint which will last 5-7 years.

Best way to decide the right paint type for your house is to get a proper consultation from an expert who can suggest you the best paint type as per your needs and budget. And at PaintMyNest you can book a free survey and get this consultation free of cost from our experts, who will not only provide you the painting consultation but also provide the exact quotation for your house painting. So go ahead and Book a Free Survey Today.

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