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PaintMyNest is the easiest way to paint your home or office, bringing in technology, automation and service guarantee. We undertake complete painting jobs from start to finish. Our teams are trained to provide only the best finish.

Our Project Manager will visit & inspect your house. He will suggest the products you could use & provide a estimate based on the products and the surface to be painted i.e. the pre-painting procedure that needs to be carried out. After you have agreed upon an estimate, our trained applicators shall take care of the entire painting process.
You will be visited by our project manager on your scheduled time, who will guide you on product and shade selection. He will suggest products that will match your finish as well as other requirements. The Complete Painting system, including Wall Putty, Primer, and Paint, will be provided by us.

All in all it is a no hassle, easy painting solution offered by PaintMyNest. We ensure project execution happens on time. Also, a 6-month service warranty is also offered for the painting and the application procedure applied. In addition to post-painting any dissatisfaction is also taken care by our team. We also offers you the facility to a dedicated Project Manager who will ensure the quality finish and that a job is completed within or before the given time.
We are true to our work and words. We do not charge a lump sum. We measure exact square foot. Use the exact materials promised. And yes, we deliver on time, always. All of PaintMyNest's painters are trained and background checked, and there is a full team of project managers to guarantee job completion and satisfaction.
During the visit, the Project Manager shall inspect the site to be painted and guide you on product selection suitable for the site. After which, a detailed measurement of the site for paintable area shall be done. You will be informed on the painting system that would be most appropriate as per the surface condition. On agreeing to our terms and conditions, you need to place an order for a painting contract with us.

A 50% advance will be collected remaining amount will be collected from you after surface preparation and before application of paint. The project manager will then complete your hiring process and create a WhatsApp group for the project. The painting of your house/office will then commence. PaintMyNest assures you that the painting job will be completed by the agreed date.
PaintMyNest takes up jobs on a per square foot basis, inclusive of labour and material. Hence, the estimate will be given by the Sales Associate upon site visit, and will be inclusive of materials as well as labour.
It is essential that our Project Manager comes personally to the site to take the measurements of the area to be painted. Besides measuring the area, he will also check if the area is suitable to be painted, and give you an estimate. A painting estimate will be given on a per square foot basis.

Rates charged would also depend on the product you choose. The area of your house will be carefully measured in your presence and then final quote is given. We request you to make online payment only on our website www.paintmynest.com
Your payment to PaintMyNest covers the entire contract for material, as well as labour for your painting job. You would not need to pay any extra amount to the painter/contractor.
You will have to pay 50% advance for booking the painting service, and our team will start your painting work on the scheduled date. Team will first do covering and masking and surface preparation (sanding, putty touchup/putty base, primer application). After surface preparation, you will have to make remaining payment. After that our team will do paint application on walls.
We cover the wooden floor, furniture, doors, windows, cupboards, etc. with plastic sheets, before we start painting to prevent any damage during the painting process. Our team will also help you shift the furniture.
We have trained supervisors and painters who are individually responsible for the quality of the job executed. Supervisor will monitor progress at the site, and take corrective action to ensure that the application procedures match our standards. Should you wish to communicate any complaint or displeasure, you can directly contact our project manager, or share your complaint or displeasure with us in the WhatsApp group which we create at the start of the project, or you can directly call us or drop a mail to: support@paintmynest.com
When our project manager visits the site for inspection and consultation, he will prepare a work schedule, which will provide information with respect to dates as to when a particular room will be taken for painting, and the date when painting would be completed. Our Project Manager will commit a completion date to you based on this schedule.
Yes, our project manager will assist you in colour selection, and will help you choose the right shade for your walls. You can also choose to visualize shortlisted colours as a sample on the walls. These services are available to you at a nominal charge.
PaintMyNest's our own team of supervisors and painters who are trained by us with respect to our product range will paint your house. Our painters are trained to ensure that the correct application procedures are followed. They are also trained in textured and specialty paint finishes.
Yes, we will do the post painting clean-up for your home and will leave your home clean and beautifully painted.
We do undertake the complete painting contract. All painters and contractors are trained to give you the best paint finish. PaintMyNest offers you expert consultation, be it about colours, materials or budgets. With a transparent process like ours, painting is not a hassle anymore. We have exactly what a modern household needs. Our Project Manager visits your home, evaluate and measure the site and then consult you on the right painting system for your walls, door, windows and furniture. Our Project Managers stick to their timelines, and keep you updated at every step. There are no hidden charges, and we undertake minimum painting job of Rs. 5000.

Be rest assured about the quality of our painting services as we give you up to 6 months service warranty.
Our team will be using tools for superior finish such as mechanized painting tools, scientific site evaluation through moisturemeters, accurate measurement through laser based digital distancemeters, covering and masking of furniture through masking films, express and superior sanding through electric sanders, faster and superior painting through Telescopic roller. The Project Manager will share the details, when he visits the site.
Just contact your project manager and inform him the same, he will complete your hiring process and initiate your payment gateway. Make the first 50% payment to confirm your booking, Rest we will take care.
Painters work minimum from 10 am to 6 pm. But if the work demands we don't mind extending our working hours. We like being workaholics.
There are two kinds of warranties involved in painting process.
1. Paint Product Warranty
2. Service Warranty

Paint Product warranty if applicable is directly provided by manufacturers of paint (with their terms & conditions ). Our painting service warranty will be of 6 months in selected painting systems. Service warranty doesn't cover damages due to water seepage, physical damages, or damages due to cracks.
We are a team of young and creative engineers who are trying to make home painting as easy as buying anything online these days. Our customers happiness mean everything to us. We would like to be a part of your beautiful home too.

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