We all like to enjoy hot coffee or tea in the rain by sitting by the window. But this beautiful experience might get unpleasant if the roof or ceiling isn't waterproof. Water seepage, damp walls, and fungus can further add to the problems that eventually destroy the roof and walls of your home or office. It not only weakens the infrastructure but can also cause different types of diseases. PaintMyNest provides waterproofing services that protect your ceiling and walls from water damage. We even provide chemical waterproofing when leakage is from your washroom or from your neighbour's house. This is only possible because of our quality waterproof chemicals and the knowledge and experience of our professional painters.

Process Of Washroom Waterproofing

1. Identification

If you can see water seepage on adjacent walls of the washroom then water is coming from the washroom. There might be a gap in the tiles or some pipeline issue. We do epoxy grouting to fix gaps in the tiles, for pipeline issues you will have to take the help of a plumber.

2. Grout opening

Our team first removes the old Grouts by cutting them with a grout cutter.

3. Grout filling

We use Epoxy grouting, it can withstand high temperatures and even acid/chemical wash in the washrooms, our team will make a paste of epoxy grouting chemical and fill the grouts with the new chemical.

4. Cleaning

After grouting all the extra material will be cleaned, and the washroom will be left for 24 hours for the chemical to dry. After 24 hours you can use your washroom, now water can't enter your walls from those gaps in between the tiles.

Process Of Walls Waterproofing

1. Identification

If there is moisture on a wall and you are unable to fix the water source(such as it might be ground water rising in the rainy season, or water is coming from your neighbours house) we can do chemical water proofing on these walls so that water doesn't come out and damage the finish of the paint on the walls.

2. Scraping

Paint and putty from the wall is scrapped, sometimes even the plaster is removed. So that we can apply the chemical on plaster or brick level.

3. Cleaning

After scrapping we clean the surface with water, to remove all the dust, dirt and loose particles from the surface.

2. Chemical Application

We apply paste of chemical waterproofing on the wall and do fresh painting on the wall.

Process Of Terrace Waterproofing

1. Identification

If there is seepage coming on the ceiling and surface of terrace has become porous or has cracks we need to do terrace waterproofing.

2. Cleaning

all the surface is cleaned using wire brush to remove dust, dirt or algae from the surface.

3. Crack filling

Cracks are opened and filled with putty so that water can't enter from cracks.

4. Primer application

Primer is applied on the terrace as it has binding properties.

5. Chemical application

Two to Three coats of chemicals are applied on the entire terrace, it forms a layer on the terrace from which water can't pass through, thus providing waterproofing from the rains. Some of these chemicals also reflect the sun rays thus bringing down the temperature of the house by 5 degree celsius

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