How Often Should You Repaint Your Home?

Like every other element, the exterior and interior wall color of your home also requires a touch-up or a complete change. It helps maintain the home's aesthetic charm and protects its walls from weather. However, many wonder how frequently they must repaint the exteriors and interiors of their home. As one of the leading painting service providers in Pune and PCMC, we thought we must address this concern. Hence, this blog!

How Often Should You Repaint Your Home’s Exterior?

The exteriors of a home require repainting more often than interiors. Of course, the reason is apparent, and it refers to weather elements such as sun, wind, rain, etc. Additionally, the quality of the paint job and the type of paint used also play an instrumental role in deciding the repainting frequency of a home. Let’s talk about both.

How early will you have to apply the next coat of exterior paint? The answer pretty much depends on where you stay – meaning, the surrounding weather. For instance, a home in a coastal area withstands salty sea air, sand, heavy rains, and the scorching sun. Hence, such homes may require a coat almost every year.

But fortunately, Pune and PCMC’s weather is pretty balanced, less humid, and cooler. So, homeowners in these cities may repaint their homes once every five to seven years.

Now let’s look at which paint proves the most durable? You have several options to consider in this regard. Often, people prefer cost over quality and longevity. The available alternatives include primer, latex, oil-based, and acrylic. For years, oil-based paints have been the most preferred for exterior paint. However, lately, people have been choosing acrylic paints as they are the most enduring and flexible.

How Often Should You Repaint Your Home’s Interior?

Although the interiors do not demand a repaint as early as the exteriors do, the frequency varies with the room. For instance, the repainting frequency of a living room is different than that of the kitchen and bathroom. Again, the paint quality also plays a crucial role here. So, let’s look at the repainting frequencies of different rooms.

Rooms Average General Repainting Frequency
Living Room Five to six years
Dining Room Five to six years
Kitchen Two to three years
Bedrooms Four to five years
Kids’ Bedrooms Two to three years
Bathroom Three to five years

The repainting frequency mentioned above is the general average. To know your region-specific frequency, connect with an experienced painting service provider near you.

The Choice of Painting Service Provider Also Matters!

Alas, and of course, the choice of the painting service provider in Pune and PCMC also matters. You can’t hand over your home to be filled with colors by just any other service provider, can you? Partnering with a professional painting service provider helps ensure timely completion, an excellent quality painting job, and that too within the budget or without having you stretch it too much. Additionally, the best ones can give you some tips to maintain your home paint to prevent frequent repainting.

Should you need a fresh coat or a repaint service for your home, PaintMyNest has got you covered! As one of the most reliable and experienced painting service providers in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, PaintMyNest has several successful projects to its credit and has always lived up to the trust and expectations of its customers. Call +91 9595951304 to book an appointment for a pre-painting review of your home.

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