How Wall Colors Affect Human Psychology?

Every color relates to and invokes a particular human emotion. For instance, while red triggers energy and confidence, yellow denotes hope and happiness. Hence, when it comes to wall colors, it is imperative to think about the emotion a particular color or a combination of colors might spark when people look at them. Let’s elaborate a bit on this concept and see the effect that different colors can have on human psychology.

5 Colors and Their Effect on Human Emotions

1. Orange

Orange is tangy and sparks a playful and energetic mood. It is a combination of red and yellow. Hence, it packs the qualities and emotions of both. The color generates the energy of red and the delight of yellow. So, whenever you look at the orange, you feel energetic, happy, and cheerful. The emotions orange generates make it a good choice for the dining room, as the color triggers conversations and affects appetite!

2. Blue

Blue is the sky’s color and is also perceived to be the color of the water. Hence, the color produces an effect similar to the one when one looks at water or the blue sky – and that’s relaxation! Undoubtedly, blue has a calming effect on the body. It relaxes your body, mind, and soul. As a result, blue is considered a better choice for bedrooms, where the color’s soothing effect helps you fall asleep quickly and sleep better.

3. Green

Like blue, green too is soothing to the eyes. It is nature’s color, and hence it invokes a feeling of freshness. Additionally, it signifies harmony and is considered an excellent stress reliever. Many prefer coloring walls green with a pinch of green plants placed at positions easy for the eyes to notice. As a result, it forms an excellent option for the living room.

4. White

White is another popular wall color option, which signifies purity and peace. White has a positive illusionary effect, in the sense, it makes a space appear more spacious. In other words, it adds a lot of virtual space to the room, thus making it appear bigger than it is. Besides, white looks clean and clear. Although yes, it demands maintenance and the correct care to ensure it doesn’t lose luster with time.

5. Purple

On the other hand, purple is associated with royalty, luxury, and creativity. It offers a velvety feeling to the eyes and the mind and provides a sophisticated look to the wall. However, the shade you choose also matters. A darker shade can make a space appear darker and require a lot of artificial light to brighten it. Hence, lighter shades such as lavender and lilac can prove soothing and relaxing while creating an air of romance.

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